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Our job is to create the party, not be the party.


"So.... are you guys DJ's?"

Not exactly. While spinning music for dancing is definitely part of what we do (and we do this well), Premier Productions is the Wine Country's leading production company...with so much more to offer than your typical DJ. Weddings, by nature, are intricate affairs and require careful balance and a broad range of skills. Here are some ways Premier Productions stands out (to make it easy, we'll just call ourselves DJ's!)


The consultation process with your DJ allows you to create the ideal timeline and build the perfect playlist. Most people don't want a "cookie-cutter" wedding; careful planning allows us to take on greater responsibility for running your wedding, ensuring that you are free to enjoy the perfectly personalized party amid the formalities of your wedding day. We spend (on average) 3-5 hours planning in-person with each client prior to their wedding; generally this time is split between 2-3 visits. We'll help you answer all your questions- including those you haven't even thought of yet!


Wedding guests are a diverse group of people-with your guidance, Premier Productions will establish a comfortable musical flow... from the time your guests arrive through the last dance. And we'll do so with an efficient and effective system, so you aren't left with a job picking all the important songs on your own. If live music is on the menu, Premier Productions will arrange the perfect musical accompaniment to your celebration.


Good pacing allows your wedding to not feel rushed, yet keeps the momentum moving. An experienced Master of Ceremonies provides smooth and effective transitions which are key to a successful event. As with music selection, wise and subtle use of the microphone allows us to CREATE the party, not BE the party.


Cutting-edge technology allows us to ensure that your event runs smoothly. From computerized sound systems (for instant requests from our 50,000 song library and customized playlists) to wireless mics and speakers (for total sound coverage without a mess of wires), hi-tech equipment provides a seamless musical experience. More importantly, our technology frees us up to be a leader, a resource and another pair of helping hands at your wedding.


For Premier Productions, "good enough" isn't. From your first consultation through the last dance, we are committed to providing a superior customer experience. From detailed planning to custom sound engineering to creative solutions to payment flexibility- we take your wedding very seriously. In the wedding industry, we don't get second chances; we must perform consistently, every time. We have carefully crafted our systems, equipment, and approach to ensure that as our client you will enjoy a worry-free experience with a company they can trust. After all- this IS your wedding!

Though the core of our business is Entertainment Design/Event Management, Premier Productions offers a variety of services, designed to make your planning as easy as possible. Here are a few services we offer:


Premier Productions is connected with a multitude of fine musicians in the Wine Country and beyond- let Premier Productions manage your music needs. After designing your entertainment, Premier is perfectly situated to manage your musicians, ensuring proper performance and music selections.


Have you considered who is going to run your rehearsal? It should be someone experienced with weddings (and shouldn't be your officiant, as they have their own role to play). Premier Productions is the perfect fit! Efficiency and expertise allow us to guide your rehearsal smoothly and quickly, allowing your group to get to the fun part- celebrating your upcoming marriage at the rehearsal dinner!


Is your wedding outside? Or is the dancing surface less than ideal? Premier Productions can help! We can provide an elegant oak wood/composite dance floor, and a recommendation on just how many pieces you need. In most situations, we'll install and remove the floor the same day as your wedding, preventing delivery, setup and pickup scheduling complications (and preventing damage to grass).


Not so sure about that first dance in front of all your friends and family? Let us help! We have developed a simple and fun approach to wedding first dance instruction. Instead of a complicated choregraphy, our focus is on basic lead/follow technique and connection, and helping you feel comfortable moving around the floor. Equipped with these "dance floor survival skills", a couple flashy moves and a nice dip for the finale, you'll be relaxed and ready to enjoy that special moment. (Our hope is that you'll make dancing a regular part of your married life... something that you can share and enjoy for years to come.)

Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and talent with us last Saturday. You made the reception fun, touching & memorable! As my brother-in-law (a single, military man) said, It's the most fun I've ever had sober! Thanks again! Marcie (Mother of Bride)


DJ/MC Services

Often, a client's first question to us is, "What do you charge?" Our answer is generally, "It depends." Due to the intensely personal experience we have with each client, and the complexity and variety of weddings themselves, we don't offer "cookie-cutter" weddings. We create a custom package for each client, based on the guest experience they want to create. The most effective way to do this is to visit with us for a brief consultation, in which we will get to know what you are looking for and review all the pertinent details, designing the perfect package for you. Wedding reception packages start as low as $900.

Notes on Pricing

Price is certainly one consideration when hiring a wedding DJ, but it is certainly not the only one. It's important to know what you get for the price, how involved the DJ/MC is going to be in running the wedding, how skilled they are, if you will be working with an the company's owner or an employee, if they insist on professional standards in business practices and equipment, and if their approach to weddings matches your vision.

The price you pay for entertainment is directly proportional to the quality you receive, which is directly proportional to the success of your event.

As a general rule, good DJs aren’t cheap and cheap DJs aren’t good, but that doesn’t mean you can't find quality entertainment at an affordable price.

Testimonials & Reviews

I am a Certified Wedding Planner and when it came to planning my own wedding, of all the DJ's I could have chosen (that are all great), I picked Clay. Hope that says enough..... Jay and David are also VERY wonderful and my brides at The Bodega Harbour Yacht Club have had 100% success as well with premier Productions. Money well spent! Everyone at my wedding had a blast, thanks largely to Clay and his awesome team!! Amanda Vineyard, Vineyard Events
You did such a great job with the music ... put my girlfriend's D.J.'s all to shame. Even my prego friends were shakin' their groove thangs. Excellent work, and I can't write enough reviews to thank you. Maureen & Brian
Thank you so much for being a true professional- you made our wedding run so smoothly- not to mention the dance floor was FULL all night! Amanda
We had a great time with Jay & Premier Productions! He knew exactly what we wanted and was personable and reliable. It was fun to meet with him and go over our song list; everything we wanted was available. Highly recommend them! Not only did he do the music for us he acted as the host ....kept everything in our timeline and got all the names right and just lots of fun! Dennis & Louise Ludalls


We are happy to spend a few minutes chatting in person with you regarding your preferences, after which we can make appropriate recommendations to the best local vendors to fit your needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us- we offer this guidance to all our clients and potential clients without charge or commitment.

Each of our recommendations comes after working many weddings together- we are proud to associate our business with superior quality wedding professionals who we have been privileged to work with over the years.

Special thanks to photographers Matt Kim and Bill Quinn for the generous use of their photos on our site.

I cannot believe what you did for our wedding! I was so taken back because everything was so perfect! I loved the way you played all our songs. And everyone was on the dance floor! It was so amazing!!! And thanks to you for the dance lessons we took! We were able to fake it at least duration of our song! And thank you so much for keeping us informed all time. That was so helpful! Yoshi & David

About Us

We have specialized in weddings since our inception in 2001.

The principals in our company met swing dancing, and wedding production is an outgrowth of our early dance instruction (and dance event production).

Our understanding of music and movement shapes the way we run events... our approach is subtle, yet effective. We say that our job is CREATE the party, not to BE the party. This philosophy carries through every part of our company.

But enough about us... let's meet and chat about you, and how we're going to make your wedding the talk of the town!



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